OpenWeb Icons (a font!)

Why OpenWeb Icons? Because Font Awesome had no RSS-icon and a font with only one icon would be a bit boring... Besides, I'm an advocate of the Open Web! Be proud of using Open Web Standards and show it to the world!

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The OpenWeb Icons is a web-font that gives you scalable vector icons/logos of some open communities, standards or projects. It includes the Creative Commons-, HTML5- and Microformats-icons for example.

> 120 Icons

The OpenWeb Icons Font includes Icons of more than 120 open projects and standards... and a monkey !


Use the font is infinitely scaleable and looks beautiful in any size.


Change the color of an icon with CSS.


The styles are generated with SASS and can easily be customized.

No JavaScript

The Icon-Font is compatible with all modern Browsers (IE > 7) without the use of JavaScript.

Some Examples find more examples here


Use the font to link to your license:

This file is licensed under the 3.0


Show the features/quality of your template:

This template is made with love, HTML , CSS and some Microformats


Simplify your OpenID or Information-Card login forms:


Use it for your API documentation:

    "name": ""
  "name": "Mr. T"


Build some universal share/subscribe buttons:

Share or Subscribe


Show your support for the IndieWeb or DataPortability:


This Site is inspired by the awesome Work of Dave Gandy. Please check out his Font Awesome - Project!


The OpenWeb Icons font files are licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). The Site is licensed under Creative Commons (). Feel free to use them wherever you want!

If you are a creator of one of these icons and you don't want me to use it in this font, please let me know!